A Joyful Archipelago


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A Joyful Archipelago was an exhibition showing works of ten Russian-born female artists, living in London and New York.

Each of these artists has already made a name on their own through winning numerous awards and participating in various group and solo shows, however for this exhibition they sought to come together as a collective with a goal to produce their reflection on the events in Russia today.  This exhibition came at a very interesting point in the Russian history and was the first show of new female Russian art of that scale in the UK.

This limited-edition 100-pages publication features artist’s special projects alongside the essays by the new generation of Russian writers and poets. The contributors include: Dmitri Prigov, PUSSY RIOT, Ivan Gololobov, Katya Kazbek and Elena Strygina.

Edited by Olga Grotova, co-edited by Oleksiy Osnach and Alina Dolgin.