The ABCs of Polish Design – Agnieszka Kowalska, Ewa Solarz, Agata Szydlowska


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100 years of Polish design, 100 concepts, 100 compelling stories, 25 contemporary illustrators. A comprehensive picture of Poland’s legacy of modern design – reaching beyond the ubiquitous icons. Created for anyone with a penchant for design, not just the experts. Explore 100 of Poland’s remarkable designs. 100 dreams that changed the face of design at home and around the world. 100 ways to inspire a nation stuck in a mercurial political reality. 100 stories of how a novel idea is transformed into a finished product, with all its possibilities and limitations. 100 reasons why design is the most tangible art form at our fingertips. We often forget that design is all around us, in everything that we do. From the chairs we sit on, the cars we drive and the beds we sleep in. This collection is a humble reminder of the essential art of design.

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